Ever feel like searching for an off-campus rental is like taking a shot in the dark? Like jumping off a cliff without knowing what’s below? Like taking a chance on something you know nothing about? This process is exciting, as it should be, but can come with its pitfalls.

Adam and Laura have been agents in Newport, RI for two Rental Seasons and have teamed up to give their peers and friends an easier route to find an off campus rental. By doing so, they have learned a great deal about the real estate industry and how competitive the environment can be. They decided to fight for the students they work with and assist the students by guiding them through the murkiness of what can be student rentals. Adam and Laura have seen time and time again how easily homes can be ripped from the students they work with by ‘not being fast enough’ and sympathize with the students when they lose their dream rental. Adam and Laura aim to give every student in every college an extremely easy process with which students can effortlessly secure their dream home. The Rent Beetle team hopes that students love every step of the process and no longer deal with the pain of searching for a rental.