Become a Rent Beetle exclusive agent!

We have the technology to create a hands off experience for student’s leasing process. Fill out this form to apply! (Application form)

Rent Beetle is providing a brand students can trust

Rent Beetle aims to have a very strong presence on college campuses around the country. We want to focus all of our efforts on converting student rentals because it’s what we are passionate about. It’s what we do best. We know student rentals inside and out and want to provide a seamless process for agents to utilize.

How it works

  • We receive a showing request from a student from a college in your designated area
  • We set up the showing and coordinate with you to see what works for your schedule.
  • They apply through our web based application
  • You connect with the landlord and send him/her the applications
  • Upon acceptance, you or the landlord fill out a 3 minute landlord form that writes additional provisions, utilities, terms, etc
  • Rent Beetle sends out the lease to the students and their co-signers
  • Rent Beetle collects the deposit and disperses it to your brokerage
  • You receive 60% of the total commission yielded.

Our technology collects showing requests, applications, writes leases, and collects payments

As a Rent Beetle agent, you go on designated showings and make sure the leasing process goes smoothly. No more writing leases, waiting on applications, or waiting on checks.

What is your commission split?

We beat normal MLS rates and we do most of the work! You keep 60% of the total commission yielded. To put this in perspective, we aim to conduct a minimum of 100 Student leases per school (which our streamlined technology allows). If you conducted 25 of these, you would receive anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 added onto your annual commission!

What type of value do we add?

  • Providing extensive on campus marketing
  • We work directly with you on your team
  • Gathering Landlord leads
  • Attracting students to our listings
  • Collecting and processing applications,
  • Writing leases/sending them for signature
  • Collecting the initial deposit.
  • Dispersing the funds to your brokerage

Landlords can also put listings on our site! 

These landlords become your leads and are given to Rent Beetle Exclusive Agents on a rotating basis. Our rates are 8% of the total term of the lease. We are always running advertising to keep attracting clients.

Check out the math! 

Commission at 8% of a $2000/Month rental (9 Month Lease).
$18,000 for the full term —> Yields $1,440 * .6 = $864 for you
per closed rental.

No Subscription, No Costs.

Looking for Rent Beetle Team members in the following areas

Rhode Island

Providence – 5 Agents
Narragansett – 5 Agents
Bristol, RI – 2 Agents


Worcester – 5 Agents
Springfield – 5 Agents
Amherst – 3 Agents
Boston – 15 Agents


Bridgeport – 2 Agents
Hartford – 3 Agents
Storrs/Mansfield – 4 Agents
Post – 2 Agents
Danburry – 2 Agents